@AutisticMumTo3 time to ditch these idiots . Cabins are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The message however is that our children and their education are worth nothing more than this.

It shows how bad the classrooms have got if temporary classrooms are better.

@AutisticMumTo3 yes. I just feel that they think our children are not worth a decent place to learn.

@AutisticMumTo3 it's such a mess as if they can't be arsed to maintain anything and the threat to life is just of no consequence.

Its not a threat to their life or one of their own such as their kids.

Given the choice between a temporary classroom and crumbling concrete, I am not surprised by the children's choice.

If their children were exposed to this risk, there would be outrage. This concrete was known to cause problems decades ago. I remember it was in the news in the 1970s concerning council houses in Wales. Yet they went on using it in new school buildings, only by luck has there not been a tragedy. Use of unsafe building material caused Grenfell Tower disaster; penny pinching by governments costs lives. Their first concern should be public welfare, sadly, it is often their last.

This govt has been too busy using govt money to feather their own nests and those of their rich buddies .

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