@AutisticMumTo3 Did the UK do what the Canadian provinces did, and deliberately overworked all of its staff, to the bone, cancelled vacations, tripled shifts, and mandatory overtime forever, while simultaneously opening everything way too soon and keeping it open to spike the number of Covid infected for no sane reason?

And then wondered why everyone quit or early retired or got too sick to work themselves?

Probably doing this on purpose to collapse the system to privatize it?

They have been underfunding the NHS for over a decade at the very least.

@AutisticMumTo3 @PatrickoftheG everybody knows what they're doing as well yet are powerless to stop it....until the strikes happened. Now we might be getting somewhere.

@Lazarou @AutisticMumTo3 In Canada, our health care is given by each of our provinces and not so much the Federal, so we had a laugh like 20 years ago too from the last austerity pigs in control.

Where they made a huge percentage of nurses go into early retirement, undercutting the system hugely, and making them sign paperwork they wouldn't work in the province again.

And then declare we don't have enough nurses, the system isn't working.

I can't believe we didn't end that in riots.

@Lazarou @AutisticMumTo3 I feel bad about your Brexit.

Obviously, I don't have as many details on the ground, but from the outsider perspective, it looked like a crazy decision with all risk for no gain, and that many bad things would happen.

And then it happened exactly like that.

I still don't understand.

Obviously someone gained from making that happen for it too be forced through so badly. Not the common folks of course. I wonder who it was.

@PatrickoftheG @AutisticMumTo3 it's pretty much that. Our Press and Politicans bullied us into pushing it through, ignored millions who protested (probably because we were ever so polite and twee) and now forbid us from talking about it.
All in a supposed democracy too.
It should be a warning to others and to be fair nobody in the EU is seriously talking about leaving the EU now but the same tricks and dark money funds that made Brexit are balls deep in every democracy right now doing the same

@Lazarou @AutisticMumTo3 I read a theory once that there was some sort of tax loophole for offshore accounting that the EU was closing, and that was the impetus behind the Power and Money in the UK pushing for it.

I can't tell if that was a fever dream or not and I can't seem to find any articles about it.

Do you know if I fabricated that from the luminiferous aether or if that was real, by chance?

@PatrickoftheG @AutisticMumTo3 that's pretty much established fact on this island, it's what made Liz Truss think going all the way with it would work.
But we're not supposed to talk about such things, we've 'moved on' πŸ™„

@Lazarou @AutisticMumTo3 By any chance do you know what that was called, I'd like to be able to cite it as a thing instead of my vague words.

Appreciated Lazarou Monkey Terror.

@PatrickoftheG @AutisticMumTo3 oooo, it had a very boring EU name like "Tax Directive yada yada" but I know the race to Brexit was to avoid that deadline.
If you look up The New European or Bylines Media they should have something on it, dont bother with mainstream UK Press.

@Lazarou @AutisticMumTo3 Exactly what I needed and wanted.

My hero for the day, Lazarou. Truly!

@PatrickoftheG @Lazarou @AutisticMumTo3
As Europe correspondent for the Torygraph, one person single-handedly responsible for many of the lies about EU regulations that convinced many UK voters to vote Leave was - Boris Johnson.

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