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Yeast, or as I like to call them "yeastie beasties"

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One of the things cultists forget is that eventually the block reward goes away, and all that remains is reallocated transaction fees. This will quickly lead to unprofitable mining, and that will lead to a sudden drop in blockchain hashrate, crippling the entire network. It'll be very difficult for it to retain any value after that.

The most cyberpunk way to play is to pirate it.

Just look at the folks in that game. You think they respect copyright law?

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rape / sentencing 

Very disappointed that I didn't get into Mastodon a couple years ago in time to see the apparent drama of the instance.

Guns don't kill people, nothing kills people, people don't die.

Totally original Toot I just made.

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"Oh noes, my exorbitantly priced luxury goods! Stop ending poverty!" 😂

Inserting a contact lens thoroughly blasted with Doritos™ Cool Ranch® flavor powder.

Thinking back to when the Seattle PD East Precinct first put up barriers.

White guys are like "I only say the n-word when I'm singing along to a song", and the song turns out to be Hurricane by Bob Dylan...

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Everyone's opinion is valid in the marketplace of stupid ideas

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