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One of my happiest fantasies is of helping start up an endless succession of sort-of co-ops via employee-owned LLCs with capitalist names.

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Intro post. Hi! Moved here from I'm not a brainy leftist. Just eager to get some good work done and help people. Interested in subverting capitalism by using its own tools against it. Community FTW. I might be an anarchist. Madeline Pendleton radicalized me.

Also non-binary, queer, Deep South, parent of grown children who are also not cis-het.

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I am sofa king done with . Everything that is wrong with my beloved country is rampant here. All the public transit in the world cannot offset that.

There had better be a damn compelling reason to ever come back here.

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wait, apparently most people don't know how to play an instrument?
i'm testing this
do you know how to play at least one instrument? (if you know how but haven't played in a while that counts, but if you only know hot cross buns on the recorder or mary had a little lamb on the piano that doesn't count)
also feel free to boost this
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I finally watched Hannah Gadsby's first Netflix Special titled Nanette.
She's an Autistic ADHD Genderqueer Lesbian comedian, I saw some great clips from her shows on YouTube, so I thought I would watch it in bed while I waited for sleep to kick in… I didn't expect it to end with my pillow soaked in tears.
The first half is your typical standup but queer, the 2nd half is intense, she tells her story brilliantly, the full story not just the funny parts.

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Decoration Day, now known as Memorial Day, has roots in a tradition established by Black-Americans in the aftermath of the Civil War. On May 1, 1865, the formerly enslaved, with profound gratitude for Union soldiers who fought and died for their emancipation, began commemorating that sacrifice by decorating Union graves. This remembrance and gratitude eventually gained support from communities across America.

#BlackMastodon #Histodons #History #MemorialDay

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Oh no, Mama Lucille is back in heat already... 😅 Her babies are only 8 weeks old, but it's pretty common for unspayed females to be ready for another round that soon. PSA: PLEASE have your pets spayed or neutered! Lucille here isn't within reach of any eligible bachelors and she's already on the list for our next clinic run, so she'll be frustrated but fine, but this sort of thing is why so many female cats get dumped. #FosterKittens #FosterCats #CatsOfMastodon #CatRescue

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Think about this...

If your kid is telling their teacher about their gender identity or sexual orientation before they’re telling you, could *you* be the problem?

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One of the tough things about being Black in tech is that you can be outstanding in your field yet be treated quite poorly due to unconscious bias.

People interpret rules more strictly or differently than they ever have before just for you. And pointing out potential bias just creates new problems.

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A make-a-long for pride month! To participate use the hashtag #PrideMakealong . Follow @PrideMakealong for weekly prompt reminders and boosts from the community. (Tag us if you'd like to be boosted!)

The rules:
1. Be Queer.
2. Make something!

"Make" here is really open: do fiber arts, write a story, bake a cake, design a circuit board, take photos, whatever works for you. It can be new work or old.

If you're an ally or stealthy or just want to do more, you can also...

3. Support queer businesses and creatives by using supplies/designs/inspiration from them and telling us about them. Links appreciated!

Inspired by #Fiberuary on Mastodon and the #QuietQueerCraftalong elsewhere.

#PrideMakealong #pride #queer #PrideMonth

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"This is Smaug, the dragon from The Hobbit. Smaug famously stole a mountain full of gold. So full that he sleeps buried under gold. We're talking literal tons and tons of gold by weight.

Forbes ranks Smaug as the second wealthiest fictional character. He had been first, but the price of gold took a tumble and now his vast, overwhelming fortune is only worth an estimated $51,400,000,000.00, or $51.4 billion.

That means that EVEN THOUGH he has an ENTIRE MOUNTAIN full of almost nothing but solid gold, Smaug would rank as the FIFTEENTH wealthiest American.

Fourteen Americans have more money than a gold- hoarding dragon.

Please consider that next time you say deca- billionaires deserve their wealth and shouldn't pay their employees living wages. "

I've been meaning to get back to for years now.

This trip for made me realize something about big annual events. Like Ride To Forget The Ride To Remember, another event I keep meaning to do next year. And next year. And next year.

It's not gonna happen. There's a thing in me to do the thing once, and once I've done it, I don't need to do it again.

I do miss my BBSC scooter friends though. And my SCA medieval friends.

"We shit our assholes so bad this year."

I ... What? I know what it means from context but I don't really know what this means.

This trip, Lyft is turning out to be a much better navigation application than Google Maps. I'm using it to navigate and pay for public transit.

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I want to clear out my old prints, and with no conventions on the horizon (I miss them!), I'm giving them away with some orders!

Get any print or original art in my shop + get a free print of your choice from my 'sale' section. The free options are in this image. Help make some space in my flat files for all the paintings I have to store!

Shop at + let me know which print you'd like.

#creativetoots #etsy #illustration #fantasyart #sale #mastoart #fediart

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When times are bad, help people.

When times are good, help people.

I love joining a fucked up line and using my body language to make the people behind me fix it.

Once upon a time I had a connection in the Las Vegas airport and was about knocked down by the deafening bling-a-ling-a-ling of slot machines from gate to gate.

I got off the plane this time and there was nothing. It was bliss.

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How far along would we be if generation upon generation didn't have to fight selfish, sadist fuckwads.

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