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One of my happiest fantasies is of helping start up an endless succession of sort-of co-ops via employee-owned LLCs with capitalist names.

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Intro post. Hi! Moved here from I'm not a brainy leftist. Just eager to get some good work done and help people. Interested in subverting capitalism by using its own tools against it. Community FTW. I might be an anarchist. Madeline Pendleton radicalized me.

Also non-binary, queer, Deep South, parent of grown children who are also not cis-het.

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I put on my shoes so I can clean my house. Does it make sense? No. Does it work? Yes. Shoes on to get shit done. It makes sense to my ADHD brain, so we do the thing. #ADHD #LifeHack #ADHDhack

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Them: What’s it like to be an atheist?

Me: Do you believe in Thor or Poseidon?

Them: No…

Me: It’s like that.

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It’s not enough to simply block bigots. I’m tired of folks telling me to just do that, as if that makes the problem go away. Would you close your eyes when you’re under attack, and pretend that the attack has stopped?

Telling a #minority to block their online attackers is no different. Stop telling us to ignore our attackers.

All other forms of bigotry get handled here in the #fediverse. Start handling #islamophobia the same way.


Hahaha that was supposed to be, "I am a 'recovering' control freak."

Maybe my subconscious just told on me. Maybe I'm not as improved as I thought.

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I am a control freak from a family of unaddressed control freaks.

It. Is. Exhausting.

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Chemo therapy wasn’t developed until the 40s. We wouldn’t discover DNA until the 50s. Hormonal birth control wouldn’t be invented until the 60s.

The modern WPATH standards of care for transgender people was created in 1979. Around the same time as the invention of the MRI. And the eradication of smallpox. 2 years before we discovered AIDS.

We’re not new. We’re not experimental.

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If I am elected Mayor of Mastodon...

New followers will be called "Follodons" and trolls will be referred to as "Porta Potty Pandas".

Thank you for your vote.

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Gentle reminder from one of your local mods: please use image descriptions to allow for greater access to your beautiful posts.

If you have questions, please ask!


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Found this apparently completely dried piece of lichen on a rock, scattered by black bears when foraging.
I took it home, watered it all over, and put it in a small cup.
The second photo, taken 24 hours after watering, shows how quickly lichens and mosses recover after a rain.

#lichen #lichens #LichenSubscribe #moss #mosses #Mosstodon

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"Whiteness is the eradication of culture in exchange for privelege."

Is a quote that I heard today on Cool Peope Who Do Cool Stuff that explains 3 separate things that I haven't been able to square in my mind.

1. People of color, like Enrique Torres, in the Proud Boys.

2. Why I was raised as a poor Southern white male and not an Irish/Scottish American. My ancestors gave up their culture, in exchange for whiteness.

3. The existential angst that many white males experience.

#Whiteness #TTJ #ChristianNationalism is just #WhiteSupremacy in bible drag.

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If you are a red state medical doctor, you have two choices: Give gender affirming care anyway, come what may...or deny gender affirming care with malicious compliance, refusing to prescribe hormones for hair loss or erectile dysfunction or menopause or plastic surgery or any kind of gender affirming care.

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"—justifiably frustrated at the fact that the world’s most powerful people are simultaneously incompetent and invincible—"

And they get it for far cheaper than even your copay because:

a. they are not trying to fund a corrupt and bloated corporate system that exists solely to avoid paying and

b. they get the bulk discount that comes with every person chipping in together.

After all, that is how you can afford a fire department.

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Every time I'm exposed to regular television, I'm hot with a barrage of infuriating commercials.

Adorable kids with various bodily configurations ask please donate to this charity so they can get medical equipment.

Wrecked veterans need your donations for the same reason.

Get this supplemental insurance because Medicare doesn't cover meds and assistance you need.

In civilized nations they don't need a giant health and charity complex. Go to the doctor, get what you need.

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@mekkaokereke I’ve been reading about the battle for civil rights in Pennsylvania in the 1830s and one of the most effective attacks was that the language criticizing slavery and oppression was too harsh so no reform could be taken seriously. This seems very familiar to me.

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@mekkaokereke I appreciate your framing of "be _less_ racist": it's not telling people "you and people like you are racists", it's "whatever level of racism you hold, you should decrease it".

Years of bad-faith arguments (i.e. "how dare you accuse me of being a racist") lead to lots of people seeing racism as a binary state, rather than a whole spectrum of issues.

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One of my cats is a genius who taught himself to use the toilet. The other cat is a bully who chases that cat around the house. This is why they are named Tesla and Edison.

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I'm not writing an entire blog post about how stupid a US TikTok ban would be because this is all that needs to be said:

If the Chinese government is in your threat model, don’t install TikTok on your device. Otherwise, your actual problem is surveillance capitalism.

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