@jasonjordan I don't understand why anyone cares what someone else wears. Although I live in a country in which wearing a mask is socially acceptable anywhere.

@doot I connected my refrigerator and dishwasher to the internet and then I couldn't figure out why, as there is nothing useful. On the other hand, I connected my AC mini-splits to the internet so that I could turn on heat/AC in advance (and turn it off if I forgot) but it never worked correctly. So now everything is removed from the network and life is no better or worse.

@batkaren An older adult: You come over here so I can see you without moving.

@rbreich Why isn't this on the front page of very newspaper and news site?

I can't find the toot that sent me to this but it's terrific. @FoxNews

@StevenBeschloss Washington DC, Congressional building, seems to the safest place for them right now.

Here's a photo I took of Ponte Vecchio a few weeks ago.

@bobthomson70 @jeffjarvis Where was the New York State Democratic party? They were so busy trying to stop progressives that they ignored the fact checking they should have done.

@caseynewton Since Musk said employees can't work from home, I assume they aren't working anymore.

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@BlueWaver22 I don't get the analogy. What former right wing populist journalists are now on the left?

@stevesilberman Thanks, excellent article. They are following in the footsteps of David Horowitz...

@georgetakei This is disgusting. Not that we don't already know where Fox stands on anything but there are people that actually listen to this crap.

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😂 So I asked #ChatGPT to write a sea #shanty about #JohnMastodon:

Oh ho ho and a bottle of rum!
We'll sing a song of John Mastodon,
A hero of the social scene,
Fighting against the evil Elon Musk,
Twitter's wicked queen.

He roamed the seas of the internet,
A stalwart, brave and true,
Defending all the simple folk,
From those who'd see them through.

With a heart of gold and a spirit strong,
He battled on through thick and thin,
And when the day was done and won,
His followers numbered in the billions.

So raise a glass and sing a song,
For John Mastodon, the hero of the hour,
He's vanquished Musk and all his tricks,
And given hope to the web's downtrodden flower.

So here's to you, John Mastodon,
May your legend never fade,
For you've brought light to the dark corners,
Of the internet's endless glade.

@jeffjarvis @jayrosen_nyu With John Malone, one of the most distasteful people I've ever met (I do confess to not having met Trump or Musk), at the top of the pyramid for CNN, why would It be anything but another right wing outlet?

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Photo taken by rabbi’s wife in 1931 symbolising Jewish defiance of the Nazis comes home - Image was among the possessions the Posner family fled Kiel with and now returns to the city as part of an exhibitionWhen she used her compact camera to capture the view from her window in the German city of Kiel one December afternoon in 1931, Rosi Posner... #theguardian


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