@atomicpoet I think you left out the best example. The somewhat brief CB craze was much more like modern social media, it was broadcast, anyone with a radio could listen and participate, and groups of people would gather.

@atomicpoet When I was a child, family gatherings always included Yiddish and laughing. I (along with the other kids) was not taught a word. Years later, my father told me it was only used for dirty jokes.

@BGrueskin I'm surprised they don't call them communist indoctrination centers. That would fit what I read in a lot of stories from red states.

@ianbetteridge As someone who recently had a photo essay from another concentration camp published, I think this is absurd. One of the best things that ever happened after WW2 was forcing Germans to visit the camps and see what had gone on there.

@atomicpoet You might like this, it's Whitney several years earlier than her first album, still a teen - youtu.be/8xj4xGiXfW0

@wearethemeteor I don't think anyone from outside the UK gets the humor inside the UK.

@jensclasen I visited Germany in May and I'm just glad so many people speak English, as nobody speaks French or Portuguese and there's no way I'm going to learn enough German.

@chemoelectric @stopgopfox Didn't Zuckerberg steal the idea from the Harvardconnection? I don't think he's the great innovator he'd like everyone to think he is.

@atomicpoet I can vouch for this. I run a music blog and historically, for non-organic traffic, about 80% comes from Facebook, 5-10% from Twitter, and the rest from various websites that put up links to stories. We've shut down our Twitter account and are relaunching on Instagram, where we will probably see better traffic than Twitter.

@igd_news Too bad they can't show any enthusiasm for doing this to the confederate flag. But not unexpected.

@atomicpoet One more thing. Automattic proved years ago is that an entire company can not just survive but succeed and grow with every employee working from home.

@HumanGadfly Thanks for publishing They were difficult to take. .

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Please check out these dark and disturbing photographs from Dachau, by photographer Jeff Spirer @souldog. Don't think it couldn't happen here.


@zzzeek @BGrueskin They will claim it is parody should it come to that.

@HumanGadfly Saw him with PiL years ago. Odd show though, as Lydon and Leven stormed offstage after 3 or 4 songs. Atkins and Wobble did a one hour dub show while Lydon and Levene worked out their differences. Came back out, played two more songs, left. After 20 minutes we left. Apparently the band came back on after an hour and did an encore for the 50 people that were still there.

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It’s hilarious how quickly the Rs have turned on Trump, blaming him for an historically poor midterm outcome. Maybe, just maybe, their election-denying, anti-democratic (small d), anti-women, anti-LGBTQ+, climate change-denying, pro-Putin messaging didn’t resonate with women, Gen Z, or anybody with a soul.

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