I can't find the toot that sent me to this but it's terrific. @FoxNews

Here's a photo I took of Ponte Vecchio a few weeks ago.

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😂 So I asked #ChatGPT to write a sea #shanty about #JohnMastodon:

Oh ho ho and a bottle of rum!
We'll sing a song of John Mastodon,
A hero of the social scene,
Fighting against the evil Elon Musk,
Twitter's wicked queen.

He roamed the seas of the internet,
A stalwart, brave and true,
Defending all the simple folk,
From those who'd see them through.

With a heart of gold and a spirit strong,
He battled on through thick and thin,
And when the day was done and won,
His followers numbered in the billions.

So raise a glass and sing a song,
For John Mastodon, the hero of the hour,
He's vanquished Musk and all his tricks,
And given hope to the web's downtrodden flower.

So here's to you, John Mastodon,
May your legend never fade,
For you've brought light to the dark corners,
Of the internet's endless glade.

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Photo taken by rabbi’s wife in 1931 symbolising Jewish defiance of the Nazis comes home - Image was among the possessions the Posner family fled Kiel with and now returns to the city as part of an exhibitionWhen she used her compact camera to capture the view from her window in the German city of Kiel one December afternoon in 1931, Rosi Posner... #theguardian


Here's a photo. Proprietor of the local get-everything shop in a small town (50 people) in cartel country, Mexico.

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Please check out these dark and disturbing photographs from Dachau, by photographer Jeff Spirer @souldog. Don't think it couldn't happen here.


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It’s hilarious how quickly the Rs have turned on Trump, blaming him for an historically poor midterm outcome. Maybe, just maybe, their election-denying, anti-democratic (small d), anti-women, anti-LGBTQ+, climate change-denying, pro-Putin messaging didn’t resonate with women, Gen Z, or anybody with a soul.

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This type of rampant impersonation and misinfo on the primary social platform for news is not going to end well.

#technology #tech #twitter #twittermigration #elon #TwitterMigrate #news #journalist

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