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The only thing I hate more than giant SUVs and trucks in our cities is the bullshit discussion around giant SUVs and trucks in our cities.

Here's my take on the situation in my latest video, now available on Nebula.


US Pol 

Democratic AGs condemn DeSantis' request for trans college students' info flip.it/A_1cAp


The weather today at the coast has been very strange today. Neither photo (taken with the iPhone 14 Pro) has been edited.

Judge: Michigan high school teachers, officials can't be sued over mass shooting t.co/lzUP2VINtF

I don't ever sit on the front porch and just enjoy the day. That needs to change.

There's no such thing as an informed centrist. Most people who call themselves such are actually conservatives afraid of that label's deservedly bad reputation.

The rest are people who don't know much of anything about politics and so drift between whoever has cooler hair.

When fascism is in the Overton Window, "centrism" means allying with it, even if you refuse to admit it.

Toons source: thenib.com/centrist-history/

h/t @martinvermeer

Reminder: If Kroger's deal to buy Albertons is approved, the combined mega-company would control ~22% of the grocery market.

This means less consumer choice, and more opportunity to jack up prices — which some companies have already been doing under the cover of inflation.
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On today’s earnings call the CEO of Kroger, the biggest supermarket chain in the United States, admitted to investors that consumer goods co…

I get that Destiny 2 is a sci-fi game, but why oh why did the character designers decide to make the first non-binary character look like a goddamn Silverhawks OC?

I really wish columns were as configurable as those on Tweetdeck! Or at least that we could change the order of them.

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