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In a world where you can be anything, be weird as heck

my sister: why do you delete so many posts

me: sometimes you don't know something's really stupid until you send it out into the world

my mother: *staring at me just a beat too long*

Infosec tip: if your CISO, chief privacy officer, and chief compliance officer all resign in unison, then you are told you are responsible for risk and compliance personally ... resign immediately.


I love how the EU doesn't recognise e-sport as sports because the games are privately owned and controlled by corporations. Like, I'm not joking, that's such a great stance!

A corporation running a game can ruin someone's career by making a balance change to the game. They can somewhat fix matches that way by pushing an update just before a tournament.

For videogames to qualify as an actually sports, they'd have to be standards-based rather than implementation-based. Ergo, I can play chess on any kind of board with any pieces so long as they meet the criteria for the rules of the game. But videogames aren't built like that. They're implementation-based and owned by private corporations which makes them really unfit as sports.

The Press should be the biggest cheerleaders of the Fediverse because the Press, itself, works best in a decentralized environment.

Journalism works best when everyone is accountable to each other.

How is there accountability when one corporation decides what gets to be seen?

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mastodon is a consensual hallucination that converts json to shitposts and that’s really all you need to know about it.

Eli Lilly losing billions after a rumor of free insulin.

Lockheed Martin losing billions after a rumor of no more weapons exports to crisis regions.

"$company losing billions if $goodThing were to happen" is really all you need to know about free market capitalism.

Capitalism is a system of violence.

Seeing Mastodon and the fediverse succeed today is deeply gratifying and hopeful for me. It's imperfect and early, but watching thousands of people birth communities that they can nurture and shape and watch grow and evolve, after so many years hoping and dreaming of this ...

"I think the jargon could definitely use some work, to make it more inviting for people who don’t see themselves as tech nerds. But as to the basic structural complexity, what I ask you to consider is this: What if it's actually a good thing that Mastodon is a little complicated and you need to spend a bit of time learning before you jump in?"

In the next year, the Fediverse is going to become a business. Specifically, in four areas:

1. Web development
2. Web-hosting
3. Account management & customer service
4. Security

Many people won't be happy about this metamorphosis, but for the long-term survival of the Fediverse, it must happen.

Twitter and potential legal trouble 

social media use in general, Mastodon newcomers 

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bird site / Elon Musk memes / Dune 

#venice #history torture is a list of Twitter-verified accounts that have moved to Mastodon. :mastodon: This is a hand-curated list, so it's updated a few times daily. @DataDrivenMD

You can find people like @mollyjongfast @taylorlorenz and me. ☑️
#fedified #twittermigration

Just because this election went well doesn't mean the fight for democracy is looking towards victory. Every election involving an authoritarian party is dangerous. Stay focused, stay motivated.

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Security and privacy checklist for Mastodon via @gcluley:
✅ Set up a strong password
✅ Set up 2-factor-authentication (I use Authy for this, but there are other apps)
✅ Direct Messages: Can be read by your admin. Don't use Mastodon for private conversations. Use Signal for that.
✅ People you mention in DMs can read a copy of the messages
✅ You can verify yourself using the options at Edit Profile > Appearance on Mastodon

Mastodon instances meta / #twittermigration 

masto meta meta 

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