For the last month there's been a powered spoof of called which is just endless ai Seinfeld episodes. Mostly talking about whether to go to a new restaurant and then standup about egg jokes.

After a month, ChatGPT sucked up enough Right Wing content that the standup routine included an anti-trans and anti-gay rant, and the channel was suspended. Which is an apt parable about the dangers of trusting your content to

Apparently this was not ChatGPT's fault, but ChatGPT was having trouble generating shows so they tried switching to "Curie", which has worse output moderation and this was the result.

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@zazzoo @joeterranova
Wanted to check out what r/livestreamfail had to say about this. Worse than I expected.

Highly upvoted comment that "the mod that banned them probably has purple hair". Numerous highly upvoted comments complaining that this gets a 14-day suspension but sexual comment from women only gets a 3-day. Complaints that you can't make jokes about "the golden calf" these days.

Lot of real mad white men basically.

I will say that I would have interpreted this bit as a rather meta attack on how transphobic jokes are terrible and not funny but that's definitely down to just being lucky this time around.

@ksawatsky @joeterranova Some people are just gross.

Edit: I just read through the r/livestreamfail thread. The toxicity of the gamer-bro community never ceases to amaze me.

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