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Hi, I'm Joe! I'm a Larper, Web Developer, and Leftist. I'm the admin for, and I'm mostly here to post about US politics and my tech woes.

Could someone tell the US government that Texas has been taken over by a radical religious cult, and also remind them Texas has lots of oil?

Nothing in the last 5 years has made sense, this might as well be the thing that ends Capitalism.

"At last, I am free. I am a ruined vessel of sorrow and regret, but I am free."

If I was Trump I'd be low-key checking out whether Snowden is looking for a roommate right about now. Someone warn Snowden that Trump doesn't do dishes or pay utility bills.

Voted early and often! Make sure you have some soup for your family ready, and if you have free time see if any neighborhood dogs need help dropping off their ballot.

One of the localish breweries made a seasonal beer called "The New Normal". It's an IPA, which is fitting. It's bitter, sour, and hardly palatable even in small doses.

Folks keep talking about Defunding the Fires that randomly kill people and destroy property, but when you need a small cooking fire, who are you going to call then?

What if, instead of two armed cops showing up when a 13 year old kid has a panic attack, the city had the staff to send a Social Worker instead? This is why we say . Stop prepping to go to war with your own people.

Everyone's opinion is valid in the marketplace of stupid ideas

When you're now so used to being stuck in your house all the time you're not sure how you're supposed to transition back into the world when quarantine is fully over.

They fucked around. They found out.


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Attending a protest? Protect yourself and your private information by securing your devices!

We must be able to hold those in power accountable through the act of protest! Please share, and stay safe!

Today's Thought: "Mambo Number 5" and "I've Got Hoes in Different Area Codes" are basically the same song, but I bet your mom only liked one of them. Same message, different demographic marketing.

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