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Let's start with a vague as I am not in a position to post revealing information about myself w/o risking employment.

I have an incomplete degree in STEM that I don't plan to pick up again. I switched to and language and , which suited me more I guess. During my studies I focused on the conditions under and with which art was/is produced. I'm also a .
I'm currently employed in the of one of the leading universities in my country.

The worst thing about not being allowed to from home - besides loss of quality of life - is that I'm alone most of the time. My co-workers are part of another team that gets to decide their own schedule, while I'm not even allowed to be 15 minutes late without a 'good' reason. So today I will be isolated again for 8 hrs. Humans are not made for this, that's some . We need to our concept of work.

At home I could at least talk to my neighbour's cat during my breaks.

Einen Fernseher nennt man übrigens sjónvarp, also sowas wie einen Anblick-Werfer. Und das tut er ja auch, irgendwie.

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lernen ist sehr viel leichter, wenn man deutsch kann. Viele Wörter haben das selbe grammatische Geschlecht, Verben folgen ähnlichen Prinzipien, manchmal klingen sie sogar ähnlich.

Allerdings muss man sich manchmal darauf einlassen, dass man einige Wörter nicht-isländischen Ursprungs als Konzept denken muss. Ein USB-Stick ist beispielsweise ein minnislykill - ein Gedankenschlüssel. Macht irgendwie Sinn, wenn man so darüber nachdenkt.

For the record I find pumpkin to be an intolerably sweet vegetable.


Since we are leaving the character count as is and sticking to threads, I'd like to encourage the use of unlisted replies so that people's screens don't get overwhelmed with the replies on longer threads.


1. You can set the intended audience of your post by clicking on the globe icon. For my posts, I always do the first one public.

2. Then for each reply as part of a thread, click the globe and unlist the toot.

Also use paragraphs for readability.


One of the few benefits of getting up early for work in winter is seeing the stars in the sky. I am particularly amazed each time by the constellation. Today it even outshines the street lights.

On a different note, we must abolish unpaid breaks at . I'm legally obliged to take them, adding ~1h to my work day during which I can't really leave the premises. If I *have* to spend time at work then it's not on my own terms and therefore I'm owed compensation. Same goes for lunch tbh

„Es ist kein Skandal, so der Einwurf, sondern ein Syndrom für kapitalistische Wirtschaftsweisen per se. Wahnsinn, aber eben Wahnsinn mit Methode, könnte man sagen. Und Mintzberg notiert weiter: ‚Man darf erwarten, dass es schlimmer wird, weil wir in einer Welt leben, in der der Raubtierkapitalismus triumphiert.‘“ #twitter #kapitalismus

The German word "abgefahren" can mean:

- departed
- cool, whacked-out, wicked
- worn (e. g. of a tire)

The German word "angesagt" can mean:

- announced
- hip, hot, trendy

So, "Der angesagte Zug ist abgefahren" can mean

- "The announced train has departed"


- "The hip train is wicked"

Enjoy our language!

“Sic transit gloria” is Latin for “nice car, Gloria”

Socialism is:
• collective ownership of the means of production - the ways by which people make their living
• abolishment of the capitalist ("owner") class

Socialism is not:
• taxing the rich
• government-funded healthcare
• free higher education
• welfare programs
• the government controlling every aspect of your life

Government-run programs like I listed above materially help improve people's lives, and I support them as long as we have to live under capitalism. But they ain't socialism.

Why tf do students in this country have to pay 800$ per semester when they cost the government between 30 and 70 times as much and the difference is covered entirely?

@davetroy That's the thing though. Because you run a business, your class and political interests still rely upon the institution of a capitalist political economy, they are antithetical to the politics of the left, which is defined by its fight for the abolition of capital. Many leftists criticize parliamentary democracy because its results don't tend to be very democratic and because it was designed to keep political power and the common people divorced from each other.

strong food opinion 

Italian writer Roberto Saviano is standing trial for calling Italy’s new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, a “bastard” after she said NGO boats that attempted to rescue refugees should be sunk

Meloni, the leader of Brothers of Italy, a party with neo-fascist origins, who had said Rome should “repatriate migrants and sink the boats that rescued them”, sued Saviano for criminal defamation. Suppressing challenge and restricting freedom of those who protest is where fascism begins.


People my age give boomers a lot of (well deserved) shit for the fucked up world they left us, but do we ever think about our own legacy? What will generation alpha think of us? What are the zoomers thinking about us now? What will it say about us if we just pass the buck along instead of actually fucking changing anything?

We have to get our own house in order, and at least START mopping up the mess the boomers left us, or else one day "millennial" will be a slur and we'll deserve it.

I was involved in what was probably the most impactful redesign of our country-wide system since computers. A massive amount of libraries was interconnected so that researchers and students were able to borrow media from across the country for free, assisting them in completing papers or their degree. There was only one "problem": its cost, which was paid by the university with arguably the most funding. This is quite a long one so I'll do it in pictures.

It seems like all this is taken away from us just so that we carry on with the status quo. Them telling us we are needed at the office, the survey suggesting working from home is bad, all this serves only to reinforce the misbelief that this is just how life is, that this is how it has to be and that there is no other way. But there is another way, and the last two years have shown us a glimpse of it. I refuse to believe that there isn't another way than wasting away 70%+ of our lives.


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The answer is that I get paid for my time, and my employer would rather make my life miserable (commute, feeling like wasting my life away, depressing offices, and more) than letting me have a life that is actually focused on living. Why?


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