Libs so badly want to be seen as a good option for workers. But in their never ending quest to be centrists and keep things "normal" keeps things working for the rich. They don't do shit about doing things to help the material conditions of the people. However they jump to involve themselves when companies don't want to treat the workers like humans. They will most certainly be wasting tax money to attack the workers and dig up any dirt needed to be "leaked" to the MSM to help the bosses.

The right-wing liberals and conservatives seem to think that the real left isn't going to defend itself and our allies! Centrist liberals (I.E. the Democratic Party) wish to simply say nice things, but always put more effort into appeasing all of the right than to fight for equality. The right has shown that they will chose fascism and holy wars in order to keep rolling back time.

I found this much more funny than it should be, gives me a small lulz every time I read it. Maybe some funny leftists could make similar breakdowns of theory that could get folks (including myself) interested in reading stuff being summarized? For example, I love watching funny breakdowns of horror movies that I haven't seen. Which then makes me aware of them and check them out if I liked the vibe. Theory is worth it, but daunting if you don't have lighthearted/silly ways for getting started.

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This is what politic's about. A fascists supported government won't stop us. We'll continue the fight!
Credit @chirpandwhimsy

Mass amnesia and short-term attention spans will keep allowing all of the three letter agencies to get away with spying everywhere on everyone. Both parties created this, and both of them keep it going.

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US mad about 95% approval of Russian annexation in Ukraine? The 'sham' is 95% of Hawaiians *rejected* annexation, and America stole our country anyway, banned our language and culture.

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What do Hawaii, Ukraine, Taiwan, and Bolivia have in common? Imperial capitalists from the US collaborating w/ local far-right & wealthy elite to the detriment of the masses. Then mass global propaganda in media, movies, history books to airbrush the atrocities & 'make it stick'.

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Back to chill and decolonize sci-fi and fantasy for another hour, cause I go hard like that!

Volunteering at my local clinic has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in a long time! It is so simple and is a great way to help make sure the women that need access are not tricked into the lies of the fascist religious right that swarm around.

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