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If Republicans actually cared about the deficit, they’d repeal the Trump tax cuts or pass taxes on the rich. But we all know the debt ceiling battle isn’t about that.

It's just their backdoor ploy to cut Social Security and Medicare.

We can't let them get away with this.

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🌳 Write to jailed forest defenders! 🌳 It's time for another round of writing to #StopCopCity prisoners. Read these slides carefully bc people are being held at 3 jails all with different rules: DEKALB [tiny pre-metered usps postcards only 👎 ], FULTON [send letters in a bigger envelope to ATL Books to Prisoners - not to the jail] and ACDC.

If writing to prisoners is your jam, try to do it soon -- with any luck hopefully bail can be reduced for these folks and this will not be necessary -- but in the mean time, writing is a great way to keep our prisoners' spirits up while also letting the state know that our struggle is united and we leave nobody behind!

If you are writing, pls also read the mail safety reminders for writing to prisoners, in the next post.

"Authorities say banning physical mail will stem the flow of drugs, but most contraband behind bars comes from other sources — including jail guards."

Complete bullshit and will just keep having private companies needing more and more people locked up every year in order to have profits go up.


Not my txts, just sharing because it is fucked up that someone's manager could've just ignored the dumb-ass customer complaint. The only correct followup as a human would be to ask if employee if they needed any help while the card isn't working.

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Pasteups in San Diego, California in honor of comrade Tort, a 26-year-old Atlanta Forest defender who was shot and killed by cops on Wednesday.

The Atlanta city council plans to clear the forest to build a massive police training facility dubbed "Cop City".

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Peet's may be the next coffee chain to see a surge in union organizing, now that baristas at the Peet's in Davis, California, have voted 14 to 1 in favor of unionizing.

"We will not be the last," tweeted Peet's Workers United.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/greenhousenyt/stat

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Facts are facts and the US does what it always does. Which is to blame others for its own issues. We blame Mexico and other Latin American nations for non-legal weed being sold. But most of the high grade stuff comes from growers in the US itself. The greed of the capitalist system and the politicians serving it are what created and continues the opioid crisis. Which also is what feeds more and more working/poor folks into the prison system.

*Re-posting on here since they don't have a Mastodon (or other Fediverse) account.*

Working people are falling behind, while billionaires hoard the wealth WE create. We need to fight back!

Sign our petition to support our demands & become a monthly donor TODAY. Launch events are coming to major cities around the country – join us at workersstrikeback.org!

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“It’s a cruel jest to say to a bootless man he ought to lift himself up.”

—Dr. King, 1967

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The US continues dumping jet fuel and cancer forever-chemicals in Hawaii, and covering it up.

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#OTD in 1922, The Soviet Union was Created! It remains one of mankind's greatest achievements.

Here is a 🧵 with some of the highlights.

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The corporate takeover of American politics was rapid and ruthless.

In the 1970s, I watched as thousands of corporate lobbyists descended on Washington. Fast forward to today, and lobbying has become a $3.7 billion dollar industry.

It all began with the Powell Memo.

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“I’m a dirty little plant.”
“And what do you want?”
“I want you to water me.”
“I’m gonna water you so hard.”
“That’s how I like it.”

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