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No sword but Zulfiqar,
No brave but Ali,
No war but class war

What Greta Thunberg demands from the news media:

Today, our political leaders are allowed to say one thing and do the exact opposite. They can claim to be climate leaders while they rapidly expand their nation's fossil fuel infrastructure. They can say we are in a climate emergency as they open up new coal mines, new oil fields, and new pipelines. It has not only become socially acceptable for our leaders to lie, it is more or less what we expect them to do.

I believe that the main reason we have reached this point — the reason we are facing this catastrophe — is because the media has allowed people in power to create a gigantic greenwashing machine designed to maintain Business As Usual for the benefit of short-term economic policies. The media have failed to hold those responsible for the destruction of our biosphere accountable, effectively acting as gatekeepers for the status quo.

Given the size of our mission and the time we have left to act, there is, frankly, no entity other than the media that has the opportunity to create the necessary transformation of our global society. In order for that to happen, they must start treating the climate, ecological, and sustainability crisis like the existential crisis it is. It has to *dominate* the news.

Our safety as a species is on a collision course with the current system. The longer you pretend this is not the case, and the longer you pretend that we can solve this catastrophe within a global societal structure which has no laws or restrictions whatsoever protecting us from the ongoing self-destructive greed that has brought us to the very edge of the precipice, the more time we will waste. Time that we no longer have.

That's from page 358 in “The Climate Book” --

#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #Capitalism #BusinessAsUsual #Greenwashing

This is why the rich shouldn't exist:

2 million dollars can solve actual problems that real people are having.

That much money can easily feed more than 25 thousand people who are on the brink of starvation for a month.

And yet... It pays for... A hat.

The Guardian is running articles today on Graeme Pearman, a scientist who tried to raise the alarm about climate change 50 years ago. With the question in the headline of "where did I go wrong?"

And I want the answer to be that he didn't go wrong, that the fossil fuel industry deliberately ensured that his information wasn't understood so they could continue to make profits while the world burned.

Many brave scientists attempted to sound the alarm over the last 50 years, and their attempts were quashed by profiteering companies who should be held soley accountable for the world burning.

#ClimateChange #Science #FossilFuels

Just a reminder that there is such a thing as anarchism, which is to say, opposition to all forms of oppressive power—there is such a thing as capitalism, which is to say, a system in which a few people accumulate oppressive power over everyone else through a process of market competition—but there is no such thing as "anarcho"-capitalism, whatever the Wall Street Journal or some wingnut capitalist in Argentina might have you believe.

A constant argument that is prevailing everywhere is "Russia is bad." Well, of course. Every state is bad. That's why I think we need to abolish borders and transcend nation states. Both are tools of

While that racist Boer dildo Elon rakes #profit blowing up #rockets in our shared atmosphere ... who do you suppose gets the bill for the negative externalities? Hmm?

Oh, right. We do.

#Capitalism exists on the back of an accounting scam. Repeat after me, and burn it on the back of your eyelids:

There is no *profit* if we force capitalists to account for the negative impacts we allow them subsidize at our collective expense.

If they can remove Human rights for one group of people then no one's Human rights are secure.

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#Mastodon continues its solid growth with well over 14 million accounts but almost zero coverage in the corporate news media.

Meanwhile, #oligarchy #billionaire owned #BS (#Bluesky’s incredibly appropriate acronym) just surpassed only 2 million accounts, yet the corporate news #media is gushing about its ‘amazing’ growth.

The #propaganda is blinding.

#SocialMedia #journalism #ethics #disinformation #misinformation #billionaires

Google announced that starting in June 2024, ad blockers such as #uBlock Origin will be disabled in Chrome 127 and later with the rollout of Manifest V3 (#Mv3).

The new #Chrome manifest will prevent using custom filters and stops on demand updates of blocklist. Only #Google authorized updates to browser extension will be allowed in the future, which mean an automatic win for Google in their battle to stop YouTube #AdBlockers .

#ManifestV3 is deceitful and threatening to your privacy, and now is a good time to switch to #Firefox (@mozilla) and/or #TorBrowser (@torproject) if you haven't done so already!

EFF (@eff) on Google’s Manifest V3:


Chrome Manifest V3 Transition Timeline (2023-11-16)


so much intelligence and research wasted for nothing?
To expect, after 27 COPs with no results except millions of printed paper pages, that #COP28, which is chaired by the chief of the world's biggest oil company, will be of crucial importance, imo, is denial of reality. Not to realize that COPs are DESIGNED to be cardboard dummies in order to preserve the status quo of generating profits out of fossil energy as well as green-washed #capitalism is no longer explainable to me.😕

If I was in Gaza City with no power I would be unable to move south due to my Osteoarthritis. I'd need fuel for my car. That or electricity for my wheelchair & the ability to recharge it at intervals on the journey when it runs out of power. There will be Gazans with osteoarthritis & other disabilities unable to walk south & no fuel/ power for transport to move south.

It's ok to stop supporting #capitalism any way you possibly can, without feeling compelled to take to the streets in protest. Not that taking to the streets in protest is bad; just that not everyone is going to feel able to do that. *Everyone* can take at least *some* steps to take away the power capitalism has over our entire society.
Just know that capitalism requires war, slavery, and ever-growing violence against the planet and all of its inhabitants. That's just what capitalism needs in order to continue to generate increasing profits year over year.
As long as we comply with capitalism, we continue to be complicit as it destroys us all.
So, reduce the harm by reducing contributions to capitalism. It's the only way we can possibly hope to end the slaughter.

#CapitalismKills for profits for a few. We could take care of each other and our planet far better, if we just #KillCapitalism

I know I come on here and rant about inequity, Nazism aka conservatism, the climate, misogyny, Covid ignorance/cumulative damage, neurotypical hegemony, racism...

... but really the one take home point and shared thread from all the above is this:

Class Warfare is real, and you & me are losing so long as a single billionaire exists.

#ClassWar #ClimateChange #Fascism #capitalism

Carlin spoke truth.

It's been one month since the Israeli assault on #gaza began. The official toll is 10,000 people #killed, including 4200 children. Not counting the #forced #exile of #palestinians from their land, the bombing of hospitals, the blockade of aid, energy, internet... And I'm at a shock what the talking points are. Actions speak louder than words, we're seeing a real-time #elimination of #indigenous people from their lands.

A handy guidance for attacks on .

This might get a chuckle out of you, but the situation is not funny. A child dies every 10 minutes. People are trying to go without food, water or electricity.

We have to pressure our governments for an international action.

"‘Insanity’: petrostates planning huge expansion of fossil fuels, says UN report - Plans by nations including Saudi Arabia, the US and UAE would blow climate targets and ‘throw humanity’s future into question’

The world’s #FossilFuel producers are planning expansions that would blow the planet’s #carbon budget twice over, a #UN report has found. Experts called the plans “insanity” which “throw humanity’s future into question”.

The energy plans of the #petrostates contradicted their #climate policies and pledges, the report said. The plans would lead to 460% more #coal production, 83% more #gas, and 29% more #oil in 2030 than it was possible to burn if global temperature rise was to be kept to the internationally agreed 1.5C. The plans would also produce 69% more fossil fuels than is compatible with the riskier 2C target."

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #Capitalism #Klima #Klimakrise #CO2 #CO2Emissions #Emissions

@aka_quant_noir @breadandcircuses Anyone who can walk out should, and if we have the resources to do so, we should support those who can't afford to walk out financially. This system has to come to a halt. It will, one way or another. Far better on our terms than the planet's.

I think #BodilyAutonomy needs to be a key organizing principle for the #left. It ties together so many issues that seem unrelated: #AbortionRights, #ZeroCovid, #WorkersRights, and #EnvironmentalJustice.

My body should be mine to control, whether that's refusing an unwanted pregnancy, #covid19 infection, working conditions that harm my mental and physical health, or a planet polluted with toxins becoming unliveable due to extreme heat.

There are more issues beyond these that don't impact me directly because of my cis and white privilege, such as #TransRights and #RacialJustice, but I recognize that my fight for bodily autonomy is bound up with these fights. Through the lens of bodily autonomy, there's a lot of opportunities for building #solidarity. Everyone should have bodily autonomy as a #HumanRight.

#USpol #Organizing #Leftwing #Activism #SocialismOrBarbarism #AnotherWorldIsPossible #Socialism #DemocraticSocialism #CovidIsNotOver #pandemic #covid #ClimateChange #Ecocide #EconomicJustice

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