@AutisticMumTo3 @Bam @mekkaokereke @dave @thetitanborn Thanks for the offer but we're actually doing fine financially and running the server takes little moderation effort. Growing but still very small and manageable. Right now it's not worth taking donations, if anything I'd like to support a different instance. But I'll look at adding a note to that effect on the about page.

Dear #TwitterMigration #NewHere, we're all excited you're all joining!

Remember that instances are usually run by volunteers, and often with little or no financial support. Nobody is making 💸 on mining your data.

There will be some slowness, especially on the most popular instances, as fedi adjusts to sudden influx.

Good strategy is to choose a less popular instance: smaller, more tightly-knit community, interesting local timeline, but also — *actually* decentralizing #Fediverse. :drake_like:

Hello there! I'm Joe Terranova. I'm a web software developer, I help run a Parlor Larping social club called Winding Path Initiative, and I'm a Leftist. I started leftist.network to give leftists a landing spot to get involved with Mastodon. Now that the is in full swing, I'll be more active on here, and I'll upgrade the instance once I get back from our honeymoon to Paris and Italy. I'm also @admin , but that's really just for server announcements.

Welcome to the leftist.network Mastodon server! If you're new to Mastodon, check out our Learn More page with links and more details. But the gist is, this is a small server, but think of Mastodon instances like your email host. Plant yourself where you'd like, then follow other users from any other Mastodon site.

@BernieOrVest@mastodon.social Do we just have to mention @Leftists or do we have to put the domain too? I'm a little confused by the multi-server group thing.

It's time to your internet. If you're reading this you're already decentralizing your social media. Use Meet to decentralize your video conferencing, and to decentralize your instant messaging. Learn about both on our about page leftist.network/about/more#sec

Remember: while leftist.network is meant as a great place for Leftists to meet and discuss, nothing on here should be considered *secure* communications. Meet people here, but have confidential discussions elsewhere. We have recommendations on how to message and video chat more securely! leftist.network/about/more#sec

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Leftist Network

Leftist Network is an instance of Mastodon, the social network of the future: No ads, no corporate surveillance, ethical design, and decentralization! This Mastodon instance is designed for those with Leftist politics to share posts with each other. We strongly recommend using secure and decentralized communications for your private discussions, and we have recommendations!