@BernieOrVest@mastodon.social Do we just have to mention @Leftists or do we have to put the domain too? I'm a little confused by the multi-server group thing.

It's time to your internet. If you're reading this you're already decentralizing your social media. Use Meet to decentralize your video conferencing, and to decentralize your instant messaging. Learn about both on our about page leftist.network/about/more#sec

Remember: while leftist.network is meant as a great place for Leftists to meet and discuss, nothing on here should be considered *secure* communications. Meet people here, but have confidential discussions elsewhere. We have recommendations on how to message and video chat more securely! leftist.network/about/more#sec

Leftist Network

Leftist Network is an instance of Mastodon, the social network of the future: No ads, no corporate surveillance, ethical design, and decentralization! This Mastodon instance is designed for those with Leftist politics to share posts with each other. We strongly recommend using secure and decentralized communications for your private discussions, and we have recommendations!