It's time to your internet. If you're reading this you're already decentralizing your social media. Use Meet to decentralize your video conferencing, and to decentralize your instant messaging. Learn about both on our about page

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @admin the #geekproblem is complex and to find "usefull" tools the value judgments are a balance not black or white. Discuss.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @witchescauldron @admin

Sure, which is one of the many reasons we recommend Briar extensive above Signal, and mention Signal for less than a paragraph. The only downside for Briar is that it's Android only. If you have other recommendations for E2E Encrypted messaging apps that work for both iOS and Android, I'd love to hear about them. Wire has its own set of problems.

@joeterranova @admin @witchescauldron i'm not sure why you'd have to recommend anything, but if you must then #jami avoids all of Signal's security issues. If you must have near-Signal functionality, then even Session is a clear improvement over Signal.

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