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My hearing is good, but I often can’t make out what people are saying due to auditory processing disorder. Looking at lips helps me ‘hear’ the words plus gives me somewhere to focus on as I can’t give eye contact with out getting pain.


FYI, when replying to a conversation, you can remove the group tag. If you don't, all the replies show up in others' feeds, out of context and in the wrong order.

It would be easier to join in on the conversations if I wasn't inundated with all the replies first.

Thanks please.

I love how cats are simultaneously the most and least photogenic creatures out there.

If you meet their criteria, fascists love to insist they're not so different from you, that you could be one of them. They'll even try it with established journalists -- "how could you listen to all this and not be on our side?"

And it can work, at least on weak willed spineless losers.

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Dr. Adam Sheer prepared a Google Doc on job openings in #Jewishstudies


"I made a spreadsheet of #JewishStudies jobs (mostly North America but I can add others). Comment w/corrections and updates. Use for good not evil. And let me know if it's useful."


#Satan is trending in birdy land.

Why isn't it here?

#Satan should trend everywhere

Three-year-old has the latest hot food take to tear social media apart 

Just a quick #introduction for any new arrivals to #mastodon (also a wonderful excuse to share a handful of brilliant items with everyone)

I’m Dr Dan O’Brien, historian of death in eighteenth century England. Here you will find me talking about my research and also sharing lots of mourning jewellery and other death-related items from history - including my trips to #cemeteries and #churches. Hopefully you will join me for more interesting adventures in death history! #Histodons #history

One of the world’s longest-running experiments has been going for 143 years!

In 1879, botanist William Beal wanted to find out how long seeds could remain viable underground. So he buried bottles with different kinds of seeds in a secret spot somewhere on the Michigan State University campus, knowing the experiment might outlive him.

It did! Every 20 yrs, a small group scientists still dig up the bottles and seeds continue to germinate 🌱 nytimes.com/2021/04/21/science #science

It's #TransDayOfRemembrance today. A day to mourn the lost and the forgotten and the ones who should still be here, to celebrate their lives, the light they brought to the world, and the fight — hour by hour, day by day, week by week, decade by decade — for full human rights for us and all our trans siblings.

If anyone would like to commemorate the day, some friends of ours work with the Trans Doe Task Force and are holding a service at 8pm EST this eve: m.twitch.tv/transdoetaskforce

It was pointed out that the shitstain who murdered people at Club Q attacked as Trans Day of Remembrance started.

Cis people reading this need to figure out what they are doing to stop this terror.

I suggest that they confront the transphobes in their families this week and make it clear that continuing to be a transphobe will have material consequences.

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Possibly the most frightening talent of the brown bear is an uncanny ability to blend seamlessly into the environment in an almost chameleon-like manner, allowing them to easily surprise their unsuspecting prey.

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