Indigenous activist falsely imprisoned for nearly 50 years. Wrongly convicted of "murdering" two federal agents. Even if he WAS guilty, that isn't even a crime. Many persons involved in his conviction have since come forward and admitted to suppressing evidence and framing an innocent man. Yet still, he rots in prison. We are sending post cards and letters to the president to once more ask for clemency.

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20-year-old self-described incel and neo-nazi Luca Benincasa, who is now serving a nine-year prison term after attempting to lead a cell of a proscribed terror group in the UK, is far-right/fascist figure #91 on our list of far-right extremists who are also convicted child predators, child porn collectors, and paedophilia advocates.
Our list of far-right extremist child sex predators:

When fascists attempt to portray marginalized groups as "groomers," it's projection.

Eggs at my work went from $2.16 to $9.99 due to the shortage. What a great time to be vegan. 😇

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A Canary Shouldered Thorn Moth
Pretty little thing, looking like "Pikachu" or "Angry birds" if anyone remembers them

#moth #beautiful #nature #wildlife #photography #wildlifephotography #wild #animal #macro #closeup

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Kurdistan will be the grave of fascism
Long live the Kurdistan Freedom Movement
Erdogan will fall

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All love and solidarity to our friends in the Atlanta Forest. We mourn for the lost, hold them in our hearts, and will always fight for their memory.
#StopCopCity #DefendWeelauneeForest

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The police officer who murdered #KemalKurkut again cleared by a Turkish court of injustice. The journalist who photographed the scene, meanwhile, is charged with "false information" and "supporting terrorism”.


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I point this situation out whenever people say Blue Checks have nothing to do with social status:

Richard Spencer, the white supremacist, was once a Blue Check. What's more people demanded that his Blue Check be removed—not because the Twitter account in question was an imposter. There was no doubt the account was verified, that was not up for debate.

The Blue Check was removed because Twitter wanted to revoke the social status that came with the it.

The appeal is social status.

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A gentle reminder to us all, but especially our growing #trans community & any #ally settling in here that IF you see transphobic comments (yes I've had a couple too)

REPORT - report them, then block

FRIENDS - moderators and admins are your friends/allies here & will remove them in minutes

SAFE - you are safe here, and can roam the #Fediverse freely. It's the TERFs & GCs who get locked in a 'closet' at spinster. xyz

That's it, no more to say :heart_trans: 💜 #TwitterMigration #Transgender

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The arguments for remaining on twitter to “fight” remind me of the gambling adage that the house always wins. “Fighting” there is like gambling and thinking you’ll eventually beat the house. But even if you win $10,000 at the slot machine it’s because it’s in the casino’s bigger interests to give you $10,000.

A viral post from a progressive helps prop up an increasingly reactionary company. @jeffjarvis

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As right-wing extremists are re-platformed everywhere from Twitter to Mar-a-Lago, it’s more important than ever that we hold our journalists, researchers, & others to high standards of accountability when it comes to reporting on extremism and extremists. We need journalists who will tell us the truth, not stake out a position in the middle of two unequal sides. I keep coming back to this quote about reporting on the weather, but it was missing something — so I modified it to make it complete.

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