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Hi. I'm @AutisticMumTo3, originally @AspieMum, off of Twitter. I'm Autistic, disabled, Osteoarthritic, almost certainly an ADHDer (being assessed currently- done part 1 of 2), mum to 3 autistic young adults. I'm Genderfluid but still use my cisgender pronouns, she/her. I'm mostly agender currently. I'm bi/pan-sexual & demiromantic. I like science, sci fi, fantasy, wildlife, animals in general, & left wing Politics. I believe everyone should have the basics in life, etc.

UK: Guardian suggests Conservative peer Michelle Mone secretly received £29 million from government COVID contract profits

Many races this November were razor-thin. Every vote mattered, just ask Catherine Cortez Masto.

So when people like #ElonMusk turn the bird into a COVID disinformation bingo hall, they aren't just having a little fun. They are killing Republican voters.

Musk might own the world's biggest propaganda machine, but he's the one whose fallen victim to the propaganda.

#musk #covid #covid19 #twitter #twitterexodus #birdsite #propaganda #stopgopfox

@Elemjay1 @ManicBookkeeper I'm looking forward to it. It'll be good to be able to vote for the winning side for the first time in my life. Every stinking vote I cast when I lived in England was wasted in a Tory stronghold.

I'd have been back in the UK years ago, but Brexit was such an obvious own goal. My dad finally agrees it has achieved nothing.

Oh well, we'll be back next year so we can spend more time with him, but we'll be living in a country that feels like home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


I am going to share this as I think there is a much wider point to make. Last year, I studied the #Immensa #Dantelabs #COVID19 testing scandal.

A large #PCR lab basically produced tons of #FalseNegatives -- see my thread from last year:

Today the #Inquiry results came out. Wrong equipment settings were to blame. This is what produced the #FalseNegatives.

More importantly, there is now an #Epidemiology paper with *13*
authors. Let's compare...

Saying not to bother with the favourite button on mastodon because it doesn't affect any algorithm is like saying not to say thank you to someone because no one else will hear.

Stop thinking in those old social media ways of engagement and visibility and algorithms and reach and audience and start thinking about being social.

Dense fog this morning which didn’t lift all day but gave this spider web outside my window some real sparkle #Nature

A west highland contribution for #ThickTrunkTuedsay . #DouglasFir at Sutherland's Grove, #Argyll. This one is just over 5m girth and about 55m tall.

Too big for a wee girl who loves to climb trees...


Matt Hancock among 260 MPs who made £9.6m from second jobs in a year | openDemocracy

The former health secretary is tipped to receive £400,000 for ‘I’m A Celebrity’. But other MPs are also on the make

Keir Starmer’s broken promises will come back to haunt him | openDemocracy

Britain’s Labour leader was elected as a left-winger, but then ran to the right. Why would voters trust anything he says?

Former head of UK counter-terror policing calls Suella Braverman’s comments on migrants ‘inexplicable’

Thurrock council admits disastrous investments caused £500m deficit

Tory-led Essex authority is on brink of bankruptcy and has appealed to government for emergency bailout.


Good meeting with Foreign Minister Jeremiah Manele from #Solomonislands on bilateral relations, climate change, Covid19 economic impact and regional security.

Both the EU and the Solomon Islands see the #IndoPacific as a space of peace, cooperation and stability.


Strike stepped up at Fawley Refinery after union describes policing as 'heavy-handed'

Strikes are set to be stepped up at Fawley Refinery after what a union has described as "heavy-handed policing" of pickets.

The fight is on to ensure the Vagrancy Act stays dead - The Big Issue

The Vagrancy Act was consigned to history earlier this year but it could return to criminalise rough sleeping through the Levelling Up Bill

@_roman As a severely #disabled person I have little choice but to travel by car, specifically #taxis. Are these included in the definition of #PublicTransport?

Duchess of Sussex faced ‘disgusting’ threats to life, senior Met officer says - ‘Very real’ threats against Meghan led to prosecutions, says outgoing assistant commissioner Neil BasuThe Duchess of Sussex was subject to multiple “disgusting” threats against her life, a senior police officer has revealed, adding they were “very real” and led to... #theguardian

The Climate Change Health Crisis

More than half known human infectious diseases can be aggravated by climate change. Apathetic political leaders aren't just condemning us to extreme weather's devastation but condemning us to perpetual health crisis, too

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