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Hi. I'm @AutisticMumTo3, originally @AspieMum, off of Twitter. I'm Autistic, disabled, Osteoarthritic, almost certainly an ADHDer (being assessed currently- done part 1 of 2), mum to 3 autistic young adults. I'm Genderfluid but still use my cisgender pronouns, she/her. I'm mostly agender currently. I'm bi/pan-sexual & demiromantic. I like science, sci fi, fantasy, wildlife, animals in general, & left wing Politics. I believe everyone should have the basics in life, etc.

@jackLondon @essjayjay @AutisticMumTo3 @PamCrossland The hierarchy of racism in #labour and #Starmer's policies are alienating large numbers of muslims
Many have worked for the party and voted labour all their lives - in fact down the generations

To suggest disillusion with #labour is only about a lack of progressive policies or "fashionability" is insulting and dismissive

@OliverNoble @essjayjay @AutisticMumTo3 @PamCrossland

....As for "most loyal" - define loyalty.... is it people who vote for your party in elections even when it is unfashionable - and seek to help the party to win - or those who constantly attack it on social media for many and varied reasons that really all boil down to "not socialist enough in my opinion"?

@OliverNoble @essjayjay @AutisticMumTo3 @PamCrossland

I do not recognise the term "Hierarchy of Racism" - sorry you must explain it to me.... is it the idea that racism is worse for people with black skins, or worse for jews or what?

Why not a "hierarchy of theft" then - where stealing millions is worse than stealing a pack of ciggies - for I seem to recall during some London riots the latter required going to prison whereas the former is usually not prosecuted at all.....

@jackLondon @essjayjay @AutisticMumTo3 @PamCrossland

So the reply to concerns about #racism in #Labour and #Islamophobia is some random speculation about the leader of a different party ?

Is that post intended for somewhere else or is it deliberate deflection?

Labour has failed to address the issue of a #HierarchOfRacism and is failing many of its most loyal supporters

Putin urges Russian women to have ‘eight or more’ children amid soaring deaths in his Ukraine war

Russian president says women having large families is ‘our goal for the coming decades’ #press

Are we seeing through the nonsense about Israel/Gaza on the social media?

The nonsense is stacking up on social media servers across the world – but it seems our tolerance is wearing thin, as is that of the more professional public representatives.

Somali maritime police intensify patrols as fears grow of resurgence of piracy in the Gulf of Aden

Somalia’s maritime police force has intensified patrols in the Red Sea following a failed pirate hijacking of a ship in the Gulf of Aden earlier this week #press

Reforming the conditions attached to pension tax relief could release £35 billion a year for investment in a UK Green New Deal Labour and the Tories both want pension funds to invest more in shares in U.K. companies. But what if they invested more in what we really need, like a Green New Deal and social housing? How much more useful would up to £35 billion a year be if used for such purposes, and it would be easy to achieve.

So the great environmentalist monarch Charles Windsor, Sunak & Cameron will fly in 3 separate private jets to COP 28. At our expense! Bad for the environment & bad for the public purse

"Kissinger struck a deal with the Library of Congress that, until five years after his death, blocks researchers from seeing his papers there unless they have his written permission.
Even if you could get in, according to the Library of Congress, many of Kissinger’s most important papers are still hidden from daylight by a thicket of high-level classifications, security clearances, and need-to-know permissions.

Kissinger did not reply to two polite requests for an interview, and then, four months later, refused outright.

But against Nixon and Kissinger’s own misrepresentations and immortal stonewalling, there is a different story to be found in thousands of pages of recently declassified U.S. papers, in dusty Indian archives, and on unheard hours of the White House tapes—offering a more accurate, documented account of Nixon and Kissinger’s secret role in backing the perpetrators of one of the worst crimes of the twentieth century."

"The Bangladesh genocide, also known as the Gonohotta (Bengali: গণহত্যা Gaṇahatyā), was the ethnic cleansing of Bengali Hindus residing in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) during the Bangladesh Liberation War, perpetrated by the Pakistan Armed Forces and the Razakars.

It began on 25 March 1971, as Operation Searchlight was launched by West Pakistan (now Pakistan) to militarily subdue the Bengali population of East Pakistan.

In the nine-month-long conflict that ensued, Pakistani soldiers and local pro-Pakistan militias killed between 300,000 and 3,000,000 Bengalis and raped between 200,000 and 400,000 Bengali women in a systematic campaign of mass murder and genocidal sexual violence."

"As its most important international backer, the United States had great influence over Pakistan.
But at almost every turning point in the crisis, Nixon and Kissinger failed to use that leverage to avert disaster.

Before the shooting started, they consciously decided not to warn Pakistan’s military chiefs against using violence on their own population.

They did not urge caution or impose conditions that might have discouraged the Pakistani military government from butchering its own citizenry.

They did not threaten the loss of U.S. support or even sanctions if Pakistan took the wrong course.

They allowed the army to sweep aside the results of Pakistan’s first truly free and fair democratic election, without even suggesting that the military strongmen try to work out a power-sharing deal with the Bengali leadership that had won the vote.

They did not ask that Pakistan refrain from using U.S. weaponry to slaughter civilians, even though that could have impeded the military’s rampage, and might have deterred the army.

There was no public condemnation — nor even a private threat of it — from the president, the secretary of state, or other senior officials.

Nixon and Kissinger bear responsibility for a significant complicity in the slaughter of the Bengalis.
This overlooked episode deserves to be a defining part of their historical reputations.

But although Nixon and Kissinger have hardly been neglected by history, this major incident has largely been whitewashed out of their legacy—and not by accident.
Kissinger began telling demonstrable falsehoods about the administration’s record just two weeks into the crisis, and has not stopped distorting since.

Nixon and Kissinger, in their vigorous efforts after Watergate to rehabilitate their own respectability as foreign policy wizards, have left us a farrago of distortions, half-truths, and
outright lies about their policy toward the Bengali atrocities."

- From Gary Jonathan Bass "The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger, and a Forgotten Genocide", 2013 and "Recognising the 1971 Bangladesh Genocide - an appeal for rendering justice", 2022 found here:

#Kissinger #Nixon #Pakistan #BangladeshGenocide #Bengali #Genocide #LibraryOfCongress

#Inflation in #EU area, USA & UK has diverged, because it is differently made up. Most notably, in the UK drivers of inflation are no longer really focussed in #energy, #food & #housing but have become much more widespread.

There's an old story that #corporations refer to the UK as 'treasure island' as its an economy where profits can easily be pushed up due to a lack of effective anti-trust & pro-competition policy (leading to sectoral oligopolies).

This is the result

Labour is not unassailable Latest polling in Scotland suggests that Labour’s gains might be modest there, at best. There is hope for PR still. A hung parliament remains way out the best option after the next election.

75 years of lies, collective punishment, ethnic cleansing, indiscriminate air strikes, massed forced displacement, punishment beatings by the hundreds of thousands, administrative detention, the most intrusively surveilled place on earth, the continual theft of #Palestinians land, war crimes, crimes against humanity, destruction of schools, hospitats, churches, mosques and administrative centres.
For a centuty, the filth that is #zionism has been doing its utmost to eradicate a nation.


👀 "#Trump has been placed under "enhanced monitoring" after Trump Org monitor Barbara Jones identified $40 million in previously undisclosed cash transfers, reported Law360's Frank G. Runyeon on Wednesday.

Jones alerted Judge Arthur Engoron, who is overseeing Trump's civil fraud trial in New York." #legal

2020: let’s avoid infection in case it hurts us
“it won’t. You’re overreacting.”

2021: we should limit the spread of infection because it’s the right thing to do
“fuck other people! My libertyyyyyyy 😭”

2022: if we’re right about population-level immune dysregulation / disablement that might result from letting infection run rampant, things are going to get real bad
“*fingers in ears* I can’t heeeear youuuuu”

2023: well what do you know, we were right
“*increasingly frantic denial* *wheezing*”

Talk about burying the lead!

Deaths anongst 45 to 64 y.o. due to COVID tripled 2020 to 2021.

"During the first year of the pandemic, older Canadians (65 years of age and older) accounted for 94.1% of COVID-19 deaths, while those aged 45 to 64 years accounted for 5.3%. In 2021, while the number of COVID-19 deaths among individuals aged 65 years and older (82.0%) remained high, the proportion of deaths among those aged 45 to 64 years nearly tripled to 15.5%."

Nearly a decade ago I suggested that a local project embraced solar and wind power for most (all?) of the IT. My idea was simple, a 12V distribution system supported by an array of batteries. DC-DC convertors would supply 5V if needed. Hopefully in 2024 that will become a reality?

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