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Hi. I'm @AutisticMumTo3, originally @AspieMum, off of Twitter. I'm Autistic, disabled, Osteoarthritic, almost certainly an ADHDer (being assessed currently- done part 1 of 2), mum to 3 autistic young adults. I'm Genderfluid but still use my cisgender pronouns, she/her. I'm mostly agender currently. I'm bi/pan-sexual & demiromantic. I like science, sci fi, fantasy, wildlife, animals in general, & left wing Politics. I believe everyone should have the basics in life, etc.

Full NVIDIA Drivers source code leak:

The torrent is well seeded, currently ~40MiB/s.
~19GB as the rar file that the torrent consists of, ~80GB unpacked.

NVIDIA has been forcefully made open source now.

Yiddish is such an expressive language...I am feeling old tonight so this is the perfect design to toot tonight!

Alta Kocker literally means old fart in Yiddish. Just perfect!

#AYearForArt #BuyArtNotCandy #Jewish #JewishGifts #Yiddish #YiddishGifts #Bubbe #Zayde #judaica

People are falling in love with this house, said to be in Bucharest.

The only problem is, it's not real. It's generative AI. A fake.

Bucharest, which I've been to for business pre-COVID, is the perfect lie: There's a decent amount of Austro-Hungarian architecture there, and not many people have visited...

These are the 1870 pins you see some House members wearing tonight. Here is the summary story behind them.

#SOTU #1870 #SOTU2023 #USA #US #BlackMastodon #Mastodon

With the states enacting laws that will effectively ban kids from the Internet,

and the anti-kids-online rhetoric we're likely to hear during tonight's #sotu2023,

I wanted to share the many ways the Internet has crucially shaped my life as a digital native. 🧵


I grew up online.

I do not know a world before or without the Internet.

A reminder to everyone, on both sides, President Biden DOES NOT have a cognitive delay or decline. He has a clear speech impediment, which DOES NOT correlate to intelligence. It’s a disability.

Signed, a lifelong stutterer.

Book-lovers, maybe you can help me... I'd love your recommendations for stories about characters who successfully grapple with trauma. In other words, I'm looking to meet more characters whose way of being in the world is clearly influenced by their experiences of trauma, and who find or create a sense of meaning and purpose for themselves. Some good examples are El from the Scholomance trilogy and Murderbot from the Murderbot Diaries series.

I gravitate towards sci-fi and fantasy, but I'm open to other genres!

#ActuallyAutistic @actuallyautistic @autisticbookclub

so there is a skill shortage

"Nearly 40% of teams using open source lack the internal skills to test, use, or integrate that software."

This seems like incredibly lazy reporting. Yes, there was a flood of new signups, and not all of them became regular users. But look at the growth of actual usage and posts of the Fediverse, and it continues to go up.

I've seen a few articles with this framing lately, and it's just so lazily misleading.

Last week I posted on the #BBC's internal study of problems with their #economics reporting, suggesting it vindicated @sjwrenlewis long-running critique of how the media reported on economic issues... now SWL has written a long assessment of the report that makes fascinating reading if you believed (like he does) that part of the UK's problems are caused by the distortions offered in economic analysis by uninformed & superficial reporting.

well worth 10mins of your time


President Biden kisses Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-IL)'s hand after she tells him they're still working to get the Momnibus to address maternal mortality and health to his desk following his State of the Union Address.

#BlackMastodon #USPol

if you understand that for a certain demographic of people, accountability is considered offensive, a lot of things start to make more sense.

If you have old software that uses CDDB to retrieve track info for CD playback and you want it to still work (CDDB and FreeDB are gone), I got you:

#cd #cddb #retro #90sForever

(BTW ‘honey’ in the Bible generally refers to a product made from dates, not to the stuff bees produce. Much confusion has come from this mix-up.)

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